Professional -Work Out


Work Out Programm

You are searching for a professional work-out? You want to stay in shape and be better for the upcoming season? Search for a team and prep for a tryout? Just want to practice, improve and have fun? 

Preseason Crew Professional-Work Out is your great opportunity for the upcoming season. We have a great coaching staff who are making a lot of position-specific and all-round drill sets designed to challenge professional skill levels and give players an opportunity to develop increased ability in all areas of the game. Through our Individual Workout Sessions, Video Sessions and Analyses, Strength and Conditioning Session, competitive and challenging Sessions you are going to improve your skills and your body in just 2 weeks of training. 

We are inviting a Coaches  from all around the world and we are building a good Basketball Network. 

If you want to take a part you are more than welcome!

Additional Information

We offer the flexible scheduling and booking possibilities for 1/3/7 days!