UNION Basketball Crew Camp Vienna

Our CAMP Location - Hakoah Sport- und Eventhalle

Wehlistraße 326, A-1020 Wien


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16 DAYS +incl. DJ Sackmann Package

To ensure you gain maximum benefit and value from our training camp (32 Training-Sessions + evtl. Games) we recommend that you register for the full training programme. This will ensure you gain maximum benefit from our first-class coaches and facilities and bring your game to a whole new level. Registering for the full programme of training and events will ensure you benefit from each of our top coaches who will be attending on different dates throughout the 16 days. You will become part of the Basketball Crew family during your time with us and benefit from each individual coaches’ strengths and different skill sets.  We guarantee you will improve your physical conditioning and skills for a better basketball future.

7 DAYS  

We are offering 14 Training-Sessions + evtl. games within the 7 days. This offers a condensed version of the full programme. Physical and skills-development as well as enough time for your  better basketball future.

3 DAYS  

If you unfortunately are not going to be able to take a part of the whole camp or all 7 days, we are offering also these short booking-opportunities too. This offers a condensed short fast track training programme for those who are unable to attend the full 16 day course. 

You may attend the programme for just one day. Please enquire for details

Crew Camp programs meet the needs of all basketball levels and both genders and it’s perfect for those players looking to take their performance to the next level. Our coaching stuff has a variety of offerings in its training’s program and has experience in professional levels Europe- and Worldwide. 

Our methods of training are customdesigned to each player, allowing for more individualized improvement. Our coaches are going to show you how to play to your highest potential. They are going to improve your skills and deepen your understanding of the game. You will learn what coachesexpect at the professional level, gain insights on what the professional basketball experience, how to make yourself more attractive for recruitment, what specific skills you need to improve and ctr. We combine a traditional camp setting with a developmental basketball program. Campers participate two times in 1,5-2 hours of training, but still have an opportunity to visit a city or take a part on other activities supervised by our activities direction. 

During the camp you are going to be scouted by coaches, agents and scouts! For those more competitive, looking chance to play on the next level, we are organizing a camp tournaments (with at least 1 game daily) that will be followed by coaches, scouts and agents. We have designed an intensive program that emphasizes advanced skill development in a competitive environment. Our goal is to help each athlete capture untapped potential and translate that to their performance on the court. Our Goal is to make a good Network for players, coaches, agents and scouts and parents as well. Crew Camp is devoted in helping you improve as a player and person and we are looking forward to this great summer of basketball in Vienna and hope that you will join us!


We offer the flexible scheduling and booking possibilities for 1/3/7 days!

+HAKOAH Sport- und Eventhalle*
A large sports hall with modern gym studio and proficiently equipped a spacious spa area

+Training by a team of qualified coaches
Individual instruction and skills development from a highly professional and motivated coaching team.  

+Skills coaches USA / EU
Our international coaching team is committed to teaching young players the skills and drills necessary to become a great player

+An ideal environment for youth basketball development
Coaches from around the globe sharing knowledge and broad range of training techniques. 

+an active and varied social programme
An expanded programme with many highlights will follow in 2019 our crew basketball skills camp


Early-Bird-Tickets are only for Registration until 8 March 2019. We‘ll offer a limited Early Bird ticket at a discounted price.  The places will award after entrance of the registration.